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​Miss Mediosa is a social media management company with locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  We strive to stay on top of the latest and greatest developments in social media including the newest networks, tools, resources, tricks and strategies available online.  With a strong knowledge of search engine optimization and internet marketing, our experience with social media is paired with a solid background in various online marketing techniques. We work with our clients to develop effective, comprehensive social media strategies in order to set out a plan for their journey through social


Social Media Management Services

About Us

media.  We help clients gain a clear understanding of how social media can be used best for their business, and why it's important.  This helps us to avoid getting overwhelmed with all of the networks and postings and resources out there in order to focus only on the best.

So what's with the name?  If any of you are familiar with Spanish, you may know that the Spanish term "diosa" means "goddess" in English.  We've combined media with diosa, which gave us Mediosa.  We like to consider ourselves to have supernatural powers when it comes to social media.  We like to control this part of the world for businesses - in order to achieve success and reach the goals and objectives that have been outlined through social media strategies.  Not to mention, we thought it was kind of catchy!  Feel free to let the goddesses of social media manage your online presence - you're in good hands!

Our president, Kara Burrows, was featured as a 2010 Success Driven Woman in Business.  For more information, check out the feature here:


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