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Social Media Management for Florists

Customized social media services for florists

We absolutely love working with florists and have had the privilege of writing a feature article in Canadian Florist this year

Get in touch with us for more information on our florist social media services, including:

​​- Social Media Strategy for Florists: Check-in prizes at showings, Pinterest boards, promotional YouTube videos for listings on a custom YouTube channel, custom tabs on Facebook, and more.  We'll discuss where your company is now when it comes to social media, and where you'd like to be.  Then we'll develop a custom social media strategy completely tailored to your florist business.

- Social Media Set-up/Re-Design for Florists: We'll get you set up with custom Facebook tabs for the restaurant industry including Service Tab, Fan-only Content Tabs, Reservation Tab, and more.  We'll make sure you have a completely brand-aligned presence across all of your social media accounts.

- Social Media Management Services for Florists: We'll interact with your current and potential clients and encourage them to share their experience with your company.  We work with each of our florist clients to develop a custom social media management plan based on the available budget and preferences.  We'll run Facebook contests for your company.  We'll keep your company Facebook Page updated with relevant material like specials, special events, upcoming local events in your target neighbourhoods, and more.  We'll build targeted fans and followers for your business with proven techniques. This can also include reputation management and monitoring competitors.


Contact Us Today for a Free Florist Social Media Quote

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