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Don't have a social media strategy? Don't have profiles set up and optimized? Don't have time to manage your social media accounts and post updates? We offer social media management services for businesses in Canada and the United States. Account updates for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and more! Let us help you develop a social media strategy for your business to meet your company's goals.​

Our Social Media Services 

Step 1: Social Media Strategy Development


The critical success factor when it comes to social media marketing is having a well laid out and documented strategy.  What doesn't get documented doesn't get done!  Miss Mediosa will develop a custom and effective strategic plan after an in-depth review of the businesses objectives, target markets and products/services.

We'll work with you to clearly outline the social media strategies to be followed over the next year in order to meet your objectives  whether you'd like to increase traffic to your website, increase brand recognition, improve search engine rankings or develop better relationships with your customers. 

Your strategy will outline which social media networks to get involved with, how often they should be updated and how your updates should look.  We'll develop the strategy implementation schedule so that you can achieve your social media objectives as fast and effectively as possible.

Step 2: Social Media Setup/Re-Design Services


Once you have your comprehensive social media strategy you will benefit from our set-up service.  At Miss Mediosa, we will take the next step with your social media management strategy implementation by getting your business registered appropriately with the recommended social media networks. 

We will ensure that your profiles include detailed information about your company with search engine optimized keywords that will help with your search engine ranking.  Your profiles will be set up to maximize social media marketing leverage.

So that your competition can't come along and scoop up accounts in your name, we'll set up profiles with the 20 most popular social media networks in order to secure online real estate for your business name.  With 20 social media accounts set-up and a detailed strategic plan to guide your first steps and priorities, you'll be set to confidently make your mark in the online social media world.

Step 3: Social Media Management Services


Do you have a great understanding of your social media strategy, but don't have the time to set aside for updates each week?  If you'd rather focus your time on what your business does best, feel free to hand over the social media management to us. 

We'll provide the updates, tweets, and postings for you.  According to your detailed social media strategy, we will work with your objectives and proposed schedule in order to ensure that your accounts are active and engaging.  We'll build fans, run contests, engage with your audience, and track all of your progress in a neat little report for you.

Sit back, relax, and leave the social media management to us!

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